Multiple Photographers

We are a collaborative of wedding photographers. Each of us have studied photography individually with fine art, photography, and photojournalism degrees. We have a common field of interest and photographic taste in style and aesthetic. Since there are a few of us, we encourage you to choose which of us you would like to have photograph your wedding, based on your personal tastes and our different styles of shooting.


Our photographic approach draws from traditional training and classic aesthetics combining vintage, feminine and romantic styles. Each of us shoots high-quality work with a photojournalistic technique and an emphasis on creative portraiture.
We aim to capture the genuine love and affection between the couples we photograph. We prefer to let the wedding day naturally unfold, documenting the course of events as they happen.


We like to offer the care and consideration that each of our clients deserve. We are always keeping an eye out for the latest products and albums to offer you. We offer an array of customizable a la carte items such as different albums and engagement shoots. We also offer combination packages which provide discounts if you would like to order multiple items. Our pricing changes from time to time as we add new products, so please contact us for a current price list. 

Our wedding packages begin at 8 hours. Additional hours can be added on if needed for your wedding day. This amount of time typically begins while the Bride is getting ready, right before putting on the dress, and extends until after the last scheduled event of the reception has been completed. Before we leave we always make sure check in with you. We like to say our goodbyes and congratulate you on a wedding well done!

At any point between the time of booking and your wedding date, we are available to offer advice, planning, and any helpful dialogue for your wedding. We can provide suggestions for photography locations for your wedding day based on your location and aesthetic. We are also happy to help out with any vendor recommendations you may need.

After the wedding is photographed, every image is fully edited and processed. In addition, our favorite images from your wedding are further retouched to present your memories in the most beautiful way possible. If you have a special request for extra retouching, just let us know and we can customize a quote depending on the scale of project involved.

Our prices and packages are often updated as we add new products and ideas. To receive a current price list from us, contact us via email with your wedding date and location and we’ll send one right over!


We offer videography as an add-on to our Wedding Photography packages. Currently we provide a one-song highlight reel along with your full ceremony and toasts footage. We film the same way we photograph, so that the video and photographs of your wedding will have the same style and quality. More information can be provided upon request.


We use the latest professional digital equipment, which includes Canon Digital SLR cameras with professional grade lenses. We also provide additional flashes and external lighting when necessary. We carry backups of all our equipment.