What We're Drooling Over: Bakery Round-Up

Getting in the mood for the heart of wedding season, and one of our favorite parts is obviously stealing a bite of cake at the end of the night. We thought we'd show you some beautiful (and delicious) cakes, cupcakes and cookies that can help you dream of the perfect sweet treats for your big day!

1. Bredenbeck's Bakery - A 120-year-old bakeshop in the heart of Chestnut Hill - these guys know how to make a cake. We love seeing their traditional tiered cakes grace the tables of our weddings, but also the fun naked layer cakes that are popping up all over the place! Our uinanimous favorite we've ever tried is their lemon poundcake with buttercream; so light and simple for spring.

2. Nutmeg Cake Design - Ever wanted your dog's face on a cake? What about colorful marbling? Anything you can dream of, Meg can put on a cake! We love to see the creativity spilling out of this Manayunk bakeshop. Our favorite ever is the elegant, gray-marbled cake below from a BHLDN styled shoot this winter.

3. Cake Life Bake Shop - It's possible we're biased because we share the same neighborhood, but we know Cake Life is the real deal. Beauty and deliciousness? You got it. We've seen amazing honey shortbread cookies, strawberry shortcakes, and black-on-black tiers come out of this bakeshop. We're always so excited to see what they'll make next; so excited that we stop in their storefront at least once a week.

4. Federal Donuts - We didn't want you to think that we favorite cakes. We love our share of donuts too! Any wedding day that's filled with a donut tower is alright by us. Federal Donuts has done some amazing donut spreads, including flavors like s'mores, tres leche, and raspberry. Obviously, if you already had your big day, you can still pop over to one of their many locations throughout Philadelphia.

5. Milk Bar - Having a colorful, fun wedding? Look no further than Milk Bar. Their crazy sprinkles and funfetti cakes hit the spot after a night of drinking and dancing. With flavors like pistachio, birthday cake, and strawberry in separate tiers all on ONE cake, your guests will be raving about dessert for ages.